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Former Phillips 66 & Cafe

Heartwood Rd., Hazelgreen, MO

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The old sign tower is vine covered but still the easiest way to spot this former gas station and cafe. These buildings seem to be a style that dates to the 1950s or early 60s. The station has been reported to have been a Phillips 66.

xThe garage isn't busy right now, but there seems to be a shortage of mechanics and tools as well as customers.

xThere is what's left of a triangular canopy on the east corner of the station that kid of resembles a style used on mid-century Phillips 66 stations. But its position and a low wall under part of it make me think it might have been an addition to an older building.

xThere seems to be some debate about what this building was. Some say cafe, some say bar, some say retail store. Based on the proximity to a gas station I'm going with a calling it a cafe. It's the Ozarks, so they may well have sold souvenirs as well and maybe a brew or two, who knows.

xThe big room is empty now, but all those windows seem to match the style of a cafe at the time.

Photo(s): 2017



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