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Gasconade River Bridge

Heartwood Rd. (Route 66), Hazelgreen, MO

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NOTE: This bridge closed to traffic in December 2014. A new bridge has been built between this one and I-44.

For several years now the Route 66 Association of Missouri has been working hard to save this bridge.

The Gasconade River bridge was built in 1922, became part of the original Route 66 in 1926. The bridge is just west of Hazelgreen. The bridge consists of two steel Parker through trusses, one steel Pratt through truss and one pony truss.

The bridge spans not quite 526 feet with the longest span being not quite 162 feet. It is a fairly narrow bridge with a deck width of just 20 feet.

Vintage Advertising Highlights

U.S. Highway 66 Bridge over Gasconade River in the Scenic Missouri Ozarks.

Scenic U.S. Highway 66 winds its way through the Ozarks. The Gasconade River Bridge is located at Hazelgreen, between Lebanon and Waynesville, Missouri.

NOTE: This postcard predates I-44 which is just a short distance upstream. (Towards the top right corner in this image) Today there is a new bridge in between this one and I-44, so at the moment there are three bridges within a few hundred feet.

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