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Gascozark Cafe & DX Station Ruins

10575 Highway AB (Route 66), Gascozark, MO

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The old Gascozark Sunray D-X Station & Cafe are across the road from the the Gascozark Trading Post. Frank Jones built the cafe in 1931 which was later operated by Rudy & Clara Schuermann. The arched rock faced parapet was added in 1939. The building served as a Greyhound Bus stop in the 1940s. Sometime in the 1950s it became the Spinning Wheel Tavern. The outside grounds were cleaned up in 2016 by the Cave State Cruisers Car Club.

It is located on Hwy. AB, south & east of I-44, exit 145 on the north side of Route 66.

GPS: 37.767424, -92.404197

The sign on the front of the building says that the business was established in 1932. I'm fascinated by the stonework details on the building. The windows and doors have been boarded up and the boards painted to resemble the originals.

Replica DX gas pump globes can be seen on the top of each front corner of the building.

Photo(s): 2017



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