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Gascozark Trading Post

30570 Highway AB, Gascozark, MO

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In 1939 Dave Caldwell built Caldwell's Café & Court that included a cafe, store, gas station and four cabins. After that it became the Caldwell-Salsman Truck Stop. Most recently it has been the Gascozark Store. Somewhere in time the main building has been so heavily remodeled and expanded as to bear almost no resemblance to its original appearance.

It is just east of I-44 exit 145 on Hwy. AB at Spring Rd.

GPS: 37.767273, -92.404136

There are at least three duplex cabins behind the main building. That would be six units, but I'm not sure if there were originally four buildings or just these three.

x When we were there the sign on the building said the Gascozark Store and the sign on the post said Gascozark Trading Post Flea Market. Here's a larger view of how the sign looked when we went by. The ruins of the Gascozark Station and Cafe can be found north side of the road.

Photo(s): 2012, 2017



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