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1931 United Artists Theater

606 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA

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The United Artists Theater in downtown Pasadena opened in 1931 with 912 seats. It was operated by Fox West Coast from as early as 1937, possibly from its opening in 1931 until 1950, after which it was operated directly by United Artists. Bleachers would be set up on roof to view rose parade. The theater closed in the early or mid 1990s.

The theater would show early versions of films to get public feedback. Films by such Hollywood luminaries as Orson Welles and Alfred Hitchcock were screened for feedback in the early 1940s. They took that feedback seriously and Hitchcock to reshot the ending of “Suspicion” as a result of early audience reaction. Such theaters were called "preview houses".

After a renovation in 1960, including a metal facade covering the original stucco, the number of seats was down to 736.

After it closed in the early 1990s it was converted to retail space for Angels School Supply.

xAngel sought historic status for the building and restored the facade, removing the metal facade from the earlier 1960 renovation.

x Removing the 60s steel sheathing revealed the original art deco styling.

xThe Angel School Supply store closed in 2015, but their name is still on the front of the building.

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