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Kindel Building

1095 E. Colorado, Pasadena, CA

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This building was constructed in 1927-28 for James H Kindel who owned a Dodge Brothers car and Graham Truck dealership. By 1930 he was selling Oakland and Pontiac cars in this building. His previously dealership was at 245 W. Colorado and apparently he liked that neighborhood better because in 1932 he moved his dealership to 294 W. Colorado.

D.E. McDaneld, Inc, then moved his Packard dealership into the Kindel Building, that only lasted two years. In 1934 the Bush-Morgan Motor Company took over the Packard dealership.

In 1939 Bush Morgan and the Howard Automobile Company traded locations. Bush Morgan moved to the Howard building at 1285 W. Colorado and Howard moved into the Kindel building.

Howard sold Buicks here until 1950 when the dealership became Krell Buick. Krell stayed until the early 1970s. After that a non-automotive business occupied the building until the mid-1980s.

About 1988 Holmes Body shop moved in and stayed for many years. In 2019 Caliber Collision moved in. It looks like they sandblasted the building back to white.

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