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Pelton Oldsmobile & Marmon

1253 E, Colorado, Pasadena, CA

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This is the late 1920s Pelton Motor Company Oldsmobile-Marmon Dealership building at 1253 E. Colorado Blvd. in Pasadena. For the next 60+ years this building was home to a series of Oldsmobile dealers.

In 1929 they also had added two newly introduced automobiles, the Roosevelt, built by Marmon, and the Viking built by Oldsmobile to the brands they sold. The Roosevelt automobile was named after the U/ S. President Theodore Roosevelt. The Viking and Roosevelt cars were lower priced companion car for the Marmon and Olds. Neither lasted long in the market, the Roosevelt was out of production after the 1930 and the Viking in 1931. So much for introducing a new line of cars at the beginning of the Great Depression. The Marmon, a luxury car, went out of production in 1933. As a side note a Marmon won the first Indianapolis 500 race in 1911.

xThere's some really cool tile work on this building. This is one of those buildings that just jumps out at you as having been a car dealership.

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