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2818 E. Colorado, Pasadena, CA

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This motel was built in 1962 and opened on mid-December that same year. Fred and Marie Wilson were the managers and 50% owners of the 22 unit new hotel. Two of those units had kitchenettes.

This was the first of what was projected to be a 100 property chain of Space Age Motels. Before construction the parent company, Astromotels Inc. described the planned motel as having 25 Ultra Modern Space Age units, it apparently ended up being 22 units. By 1962 there were Astromotels in Arizona, California, Kansas and Utah.

x The original sign just said MOTEL on the verticle part.

Vintage Advertizin Highlights

1960s Postcard
2818 E. Colorado Blvd, U. S. 66,
Spacious Rooms
Heated Pool
Solar Sauna: "Steam Bath"
Recreation Room
Coffee Bar
Room Phones
Kitchen Studios
Air Conditioned
Credit Cards Honored
Space Age Luxury
Down to Earth Rates

Note: I haven't wuite figured out what a Solar Sauna "Steam Bath" is, I'm not sure I want to.





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