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Ace Motel

2870 E. Colorado, Pasadena, CA

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In the 1940s Route 66 was routed over East Colorado Blvd and by the end of the decade there were 13 new motels. This motel was then the 12 unit Ace-Hi Motel and is the oldest still standing from that 40s group.. The vintage sign is still here. In the late 50s you got amenenities like pay TV, a telephone, and a pet free room for as little as $5.00 per night.

Vintage Adverting Highlights

Ace Hi Motel
2870 E Colorado St. (U. S. 66)
Pasadena 8, Calif.
Phone: SYcamore 3-xxxx
Large comfortable units with full tile showers.
Close in. Fine restaurants near by.
You will enjoy your stay with us
Lee B Balam, Owner
Mrs. H. Johnson, Mgr.

Note: It's interesting that they didn't mention how many rooms they offered.


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