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Santa Fe Depot / Amtrak Station

303 E. 2nd St., Winslow, AZ

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The Winslow depot was constructed by the ATSF (Santa Fe) Railway in 1929-1930 as a component of a Harvey House La Posada hotel complex. The depot is on the east side of the hotel. It is linked to the hotel by an arcade that runs along the south facade of the hotel.

x Looking east across the hotel lawn towards the railroad station. When the hotel closed in 1957, the railroad used it for their offices to handle train operations. There were rumors in the late 1980s that the railroad wanted to move out and demolish the building. In 1997 the hotel and depot were purchased by new owners. By 2018 the depot became part of the Winslow Art Trust and has been rehabilitated. A new gallery has also been constructed on the east end of the building.

x The loading area in front of the station.

x When this photo was taken in 2009 the Santa Fe Station sign was in need of attention. A similar style sign for LaPosad stands in front of the hotel.

Photo(s): 2009 - 2013



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