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Truxton Canyon Training School

Music Mountain Circle, Valentine, AZ

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Previously known as the Truxton Canyon Training School and then the Truxton Canyon Indian School, and later as the Valentine Indian School this was a boarding school for Indian youth.

The school operated from 1901 until 1937 after that the complex was used for various community services and activities until 1969. The schoolhouse and some of the other buildings were built with bricks that were fired by students. The teachers lived in a long gone building between the schoolhouse and the student dormitory. There were also other small houses for staff at the school.

The school is on Music Mountain Circle a block off, but easily seen from Route 66 .

GPS: 35.38680, -113.66108

xThe student dormitory stood where the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) building is now. There was also an Industrial Arts building. The industrial Arts teacher supervised the students making the bricks for the school buildings.

xThe Interior Department Bureau of Indian Affairs office sports this sign out front.

xThere are a handful of other old buildings on the site, but I'm not sure of their purpose. This one appears to be a residence. It stands immediately to the west of the schoolhouse and had a sidewalk from the door on the end of the house to the front door of the school within what is now the fenced in schoolyard. Considering the location I'm guessing it was for senior staff of some sort.

x This was the school superintendent's office and the post office. The superintendent was also the postmaster. The post office relocated off the complex site after the school closed in 1937.

x I'm not sure, but I think this is a school bus shelter for kids waiting for the bus in the morning. Whatever its purpose it's a neat little view into the independence and pride of the people living near here. It's located just off Route 66 at the gravel frontage road in a small line of trees.

x The paint is getting a bit worn on this little shelter but it is still a cool little building!

The complex was added to the National List of Historical Places in 2003.

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