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Garland Vista

Route 66, Pittman Valley, AZ

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The Garland Prairie Vista is an early version of a rest area. This is the view looking east from the pullout. In the distance you can see the San Francisco Peaks north of Flagstaff, they are the highest mountains in Arizona. The short section of concrete pavement at the crest of the hill is a sign that you're near this spot. This concrete pavement was poured in 1939.

This is the only section of concrete on this stretch of the road, so it's easy to find, but the driveways to the Vista itself are only marked by a small Kaibab National Park Picnic Grounds sign on the north side of the road and are of easy to miss. Coming from the east, the 3 small boulders in this photo are immediately before the Vista east entrance. Going west, the next driveway is just before the spot where the concrete ends. If you get to the other end of the concrete going either way you've gone past both entrances.

GPS: 35.258836, -111.992268

x The picnic area runs back from the road quite a distance. There are picnic tables in various places on the Vista grounds. The elevation of the Garland Vista is 7208 feet.

Photo(s): 2013



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