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Wagon Wheel Lodge

7545 E. Old Route 66, Pittman Valley, AZ

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The old Wagon Wheel Lodge is on the 1932 alignment of Route 66 just northeast of I-40 exit 171. The log lodge and cabins originally were called the McHat Inn operated by the McDowells from 1936-1959 and offered gas sales as well as cabins. The business was renamed the Wagon Wheel Lodge in the mid-1940s. In the early 1960 the lodge became a private residence and was later abandoned.

Around 2011 Frank Rotter bought the property and began renovations for what would become the Wagon Wheel Winery. The renovation of the building resulted in the owners receiving a 2014 Governor's Heritage Preservation Honor Award. The restoration effort was aimed at returning the building to it's 1940 appearance.

GPS: 35.264058, -112.043996

x The wagon wheel theme continues on the mailbox stand. Today it is a private residence. The place is on the north side of the road, within sight of I-40 just east of exit 171.

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