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Wigwam Motel

811 West Hopi Dr., Holbrook, AZ
Phone: 928-524-3948

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The Wigwam Motel #6 is located at 811 W. Hopi Drive in Holbrook was opened in 1950. It was closed in 1974 and sat vacant until a restoration in 1988. Originally there was a large central teepee with 15 smaller teepees arranged in a semicircle. The large central teepee was the home of the owner, Chester E. Lewis, as well as the office for the motel and a Texaco service station. The gas pumps were about where the canopy extends to today. Eventually that teepee was replaced with a conventional gas station building at the request of Texaco.

The motel was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2002.


Vintage cars are parked in front of each teepee. Like several other iconic motels on Route 66, the antique cars add a touch of nostalgia to the experience of staying here.


Even with the sloping walls of the teepee the rooms seem spacious enough.

Photo(s): 2012