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Deer Lodge Cabins and Conoco Ruins

Route 66, Deer Lodge, AZ

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Dating back at least to the 1930s there were cabins and a Conoco gas station here, there was also a cafe and bar in later years. Because it's easy to miss the ruins of the Deer Lodge Cabins and Conoco Gas Station about 19 miles west of Seligman and just east of mile marker 118 I thought it'd be good to start with a photo of the driveway as it leaves Route 66. Coming from the west this spot is a about 2.75 miles east of the Grand Canyon Caverns.

GPS: 35.509033, -113.186083

x All that's left of the Conoco gas station and cabins are the foundations and what appear to be sign post footings. When these photos were taken in 2013 there were a couple of old cars rusting away beyond the tree in the middle of the picture.

Photo(s): 2013



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