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Britten Leaning Water Tower

Exit 114, I-40, Groom, TX

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The late Ralph Britten bought this water tower from the nearby town of Lefors about 1980 or so, hoping to use it for water storage for his truck stop. After hauling it to the truck stop and finding another way to store the water he decided to use the tower as an attention getting sign along the freeway.

OK, people see water towers every day and don't pay much attention to them, unless they look like they are about to fall over. And thus was born the Britten Leaning Water Tower!


The sign for the Leaning Tower Truck Stop featured a miniature leaning tower on top. It was known as the Leaning Tower Truck Stop until it burned to the ground in 1987.


To emphasize the leaning part, the rear tower legs don't even touch the ground.

Photo(s): 2012