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Relax Inn

110 W Dwain Willis Ave (Route 66), Vinita, OK

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Before becoming the Relax Inn this was the Motel Vinita. The garages that were a feature of the Motel Vinita have been converted to guest rooms, a common practice as motel design progressed over the years. The smaller sign on the post out front advertises weekly specials. The address is on Dwain Willis Ave which is just about where S. Wilson (Route 66) turns into W. Dwain Willis.

x You almost have to admire whoever it is that has to keep all 458 lightbulbs working on a sign like this. Think about doing that in the winter. And then of course there is the matter of whatever is lighting up inside the big yellow sign can.

Vintage Advertising Highlights

Postcard, undated

Vinta Motel

17 Units
Panel Ray Heat
Free T.V.
Refridgerated Air
Tile Baths
Highway U.S. 60, 66, 69
1/2 mile south of edge of Vinita, Oklahoma
Phone 1140
Nick Douvas - Owner

Note: The inclusion of features like Panel Ray Heat and Garages kind of date the motel, as does referring to air-condtioning as refridgerated air.

Photo(s): 2013



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