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Narcissa DX Station

US 69 & SH 25, Narcissa.

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The Sunray D-X station dated back to 1925 when it was located over by the railroad tracks. The owners moved the old building to this spot on Route 66 in 1934 and added a canopy to the building and and gas sales to the business. At that time the road was still part of the 1922 Sidewalk Highway and as such the concrete paving was only 9 feet wide. The road wasn't widened until 1937.

In 2004 it was a beer, bait & grocery store but the old building and canopy were torn down in 2005. The pump island and a light pole / sign post still remained in 2016.

The quonset hut that remains standing was added to the station so they would have service bays where they could work on customers cars. The date of that addition is uncertain but Rittenhouse seemed to mention it in his 1946 Route 66 travel guide.

Photo(s): 2016



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