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Waylan's Hamburger's Ku Ku Burgers

915 N Main St., Miami, OK
Phone: 918-542-1696

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Look for the Ku Ku Bird on the front of the building. A mid-sixties Ford was parked under the sign when this photo was taken in 2016. There used to be a chain of something like 200 KuKu Burger Restaurants, but this is the last one left. This KuKu Burger has been here since 1965. Gene Waylan bought the restaurant in 1973. Miami's first drive thru service was added to the restaurant in 1977.

x Look for the clock and Ku Ku Bird under the peak of the roof. The KuKu Bird used to pop out of those doors and sing his song. But no more of that, some expansion of the dining room in the 1980s left him stuck out in the open day and night in the summer heat and snowy freezing winter and all kinds of weather in between!

x The KuKu on the roof has a little pal hanging out back by the drive through window. Maybe stroll on over and snap a selfie with the Ku Ku, just stay clear of the cars.

xOh man, there's another KuKu Bird stutting his stuff up on top of the big green and yellow neon sign out front! Hard to miss the sign. I haven't seen it lit up at night, but would sure like to.

Photo(s): 2013



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