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Elm Motel

823 W Roger Miller Blvd., Erick, OK

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I think the Elm Motel opened in the early 1940s because of the presence of the garages, a style that was pretty much out of favor for new properties by the mid 40s. It was sold in 1948 and the new owners added a swimming pool and miniature golf course. Wayne and Bea McGhee bought the motel in the 1970s. The motel closed when Erick was bypassed by I-40.

xThe "Elm Motel" name had all but faded away on the top sign near the office when we were there in 2015. But the "Reasonable Rates" were a bit hard to read as well.

x There aren't a lot of these old motels left that still have garages for each unit in use. In this case that may be because the entrance to each unit is in the adjacent garage. The West Winds Motel down the street also had garages for some units..

Photo(s): 2015



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