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Cabana Motel Sign

Route 66, Erick, OK

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The Cabana Motel was one of several motels in Erick during the heyday of old Route 66. All that's left of the Cabana today is the sign on Roger Miller Blvd (Route 66) next to the Erick Volunteer Fire Department garage between Popular and Pine Avenues.

x The west side of the motel sign was missing most of it's letters when this photo was taken in 2012. Both sides were missing most of their 35 or so incandescent light bulbs in the crown.

Tom Roberts bought the Cabana Motel when Route 66 brought thousands of cars a day through Erick. That was in the 1960s, the freeway arrived in the mid 1970s and the traveling traffic through town pretty much disappeared and took the motel business with it.

When we went by in 2013 this sign read "ERICK Home of the Bearcats".

Photo(s): 2012



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