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Kings Inn

1918 W 3rd St.Elk City, OK

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The former McCoy Motel later became the McCoy Western Motel and was the King's Inn when we went by in 2015. The original building had garages for some if not all guest rooms. Over the years it appears that additional guest rooms were added in a later building on the west side of the original. That is where the swimming pool, which has since been filled in, was.

x This large sign replaced a much lower and more modest one in this same location. On the main building there was a smaller sign above the office roof. That sign grew quite large after "western" was added to the motel name. That large versison has been removed in favor of the sign shown above.

Vintage Advertising Highlights

1954 Postcard
New Modernistic Motel
Air Foam Mattresses
Franciscan Furniture
Tiled Glass Door, Shower Bath
Tel. xxxx

Late 50s or early 60s Postcard
McCoy Western Motel
Swimming Pool
Free T.V and Cribs
Refridgerated Air Conditioning
Individual Heat
For Reservations Call 5-xxxx
U.S. Highway 66 West
Elk City, Oklahoma

Early 60s Matchbook
Swimming Pool
Refridgerated Air
Free T.V. in Rooms
Wall to Wall Carpet
Phones in Every Room
Restaurant Across Street
Family & Commercial rates
Phone CA 5-xxxx

NOTE: The first postcard mentions the place being a "New Modernistic Motel" in 1954, so I'm surprised there was no mention of even a in-room radio, much less a TV or room phone.

By the time the second postcard was published a few years later the name changed from just McCoy Motel to McCoy Western Motel. There were also several more features listed, including a listing with AAA.

Next up was a matchbook that must have arrived a bit later because the phone number evolved again. It had started out as a simple 4 digit number, then they added a 1 digit prefix(5-) to the original and by then came the alphanumeric prefix (CA 5-) and again the last 4 digits remained the same.

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