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Flamingo Inn

2000 W 3rd St., Elk City, OK
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The Flamingo Motel & Restaurant opened in 1961 with 24 units. Looking at the features listed on a postcard from the early 1960s this must have been a pretty nice place at the time. There had been a swimming pool between the driveway and the restaurant. The pool has been filled in and replaced by a concrete slab used for parking. At some point the name changed from the Flamingo Motel to the Flamingo Inn.

xThe restaurant has been heavily modified and was a Mexican restaurant when we went by in 2015.

xThis large nondescript sign has replaced the much more flamboyant original.

Vintage Advertising Highlights

Early 1960s Postcard
Best Western
American Express
The Flamingo Motel & Restaurant
2000 W. 3rd
Hwy. 66 West
Phone CA 5-xxxx
Elk City, Oklahoma
The Newest and Most Modern in Elk City
24 nicely appointed units in attractive, new, brick motel.
Hi-fi Music
Refrigerated Air Conditioning
Thermostat Heat
Swimming Pool
Connecting Units
Children's Playground
Your Hosts: Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Bell

Note: A second postcard that appears to be just a bit later dropped the connecting rooms from the feature list. That seems a bit odd, but if few guests were using the feature it might seem like the space on the card was wasted. it added a small photo of the restaurant dining room to the front of the card. There's another small logo on both postcards that I don't recognize but assume it to be from some lodging rating association.

Photo(s): 2015



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