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Dr Nickell's Murals

202 Broadway Ave, Davenport, OK

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These murals show different times in Dr. Nickell's life in Davenport.

xFittingly featured in the center of this mural is an image of Dr. U. E. and Myrtle Nickell with their new 1914 Model T Ford.

xThe illustration of the 1907 Nickell Medicall Office shows a modest beginning.

xBy 1925 the Nickell Medical Office had moved to a more substantial location.

x1903 J. G. McCue General Merchandise. I'm not aware of the location of this little store, or of it's connection to Dr. Nickell.

xI don't have a specific date for this church, but it is also featured on the "1910 Broadway" mural across the street.

These murals were created by Dr. Robert Palmer and students from the University of Central Oklahoma. They are located on the former Davenport Medical Clinic located at Broadway & 2nd St. Funds for these murals come from the Davenport community selling commemorative ornaments from the town's Christmas tree.

Photos: 2016



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