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Buffalo Ranch

21600 S Hwy. 69, Afton, OK

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Russell and Aleene Kay open the business in the summer of 1953 The old Buffalo Ranch closed in 1998 and was torn down in 2002. But new owners of the property must liked the idea of live Buffalo and there were some roaming around behind the new gas station and convenience store when I snapped this photo in 2013. In the old days there was a stuffed Buffalo you, or maybe your kids, could sit on for a photo op and of course you could buy any number of souvenirs. The place was good old fashioned tourist trap!

Apparently they also had some Peacocks roaming around back in the old days too. That's pretty much in keeping with many of the old and long gone wild animal attractions on the Mother Road. Located at the junction of Route 66, 69 & 59 Jct.,

But wait, there's more!

Besides the Buffalo and Peacocks you could get a buffalo burger (don't tell the buffalo!) or an old fashioned hamburger or hotdog along with a malt and/or a sundae at the new in 1954 Dairy Ranch right there on the grounds.

x There is a covered wagon and a buffalo statue here too. They make great photo opportunities.

Photo(s): 2013



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