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Kiva / Historic Route 66 RV Park

1416 E Route 66, Tucumcari, NM
Phone: 575-461-1561

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The was originally the Mesa Court(s) a small motel that later became the Kiva Motel & RV Park which in turn became Historic Route 66 RV Park. The photo above is from 2012, the one below is from 2015.

xCheck out the cool sign, on this side anyway.

xThe sign took a bit of a turn for the worse on the west side. But you get a better view of the east building in this photo.

Some early postcards for the Kiva Kort list the address as 1305 E Hwy. 54, which would have been on the north side of the highway, the buildings above are on the south side of the highway. The original Kiva Kort had 18 units and eventually expanded to 30.

A 2012 Route 66 in New Mexico brochure by New Mexico Mainstreet identifies the Kiva Kort as having been the Rocking Horse Tourist Camp from 1948 to 1956. So far, that's the only reference I've found to the Rocking Horse Tourist Camp.

Vintage Advertising Highlights

1953 Postcard
See the Famous Tucumcari Mountain From the
Mesa Court
All Modern
Air Conditioned
Panelray Heat
East Highway 66
PO Box ***
Phone 1028-J
Tucumcari, New Mexico

Kiva Kort
1305 East Highway U.S. 54
30 Air Conditioned Units
Panel Ray Heat
Combination Tub & Shower Baths
Family Units & Some Kitchenettes
- The Best For Less -
Phone 171W or 171M
Beth Haag, Mgr.
E. W. Bowen, Owner

Photo(s): 2012



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