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Ambassador Lodge / Knights Inn

1601 W. Route 66, Gallup, NM
Phone: 505-722-3843

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There are two Knights Inn motels in west Gallup, this one is the former Ambassador Lodge, which was renamed the Ambassador Motel in the late 1950s, It was still the Ambassador Motel in 2012 as shown in this photo. When the motel was built by Louis Bortot in the mid-40s it featured steam heat in its 16 guest rooms and heated closed garages. By 1952 the motel had grown to 26 rooms, it wasn't done expanding though.

By 1960 another 6 or 7 rooms had been added in a third building (not shown) was added, it was elevated on stilts a full story above the ground. Those new rooms overlooked a heated swimming pool at ground level and playground that was somewhat uncommonly sunken about 4 or 5 feet below grade. Both the pool and playground are gone, but the remnants of both were still visible in 2012.

The garages have apparently long ago been converted to new guest rooms, but the 1960 AAA Tour Book listed the motel as still having 22 garages. That year you could rent a room for the night here for as little as $8.00.

Vintage Advertising Highlights


32 units to accommodate you while in the heart of Indian Country.
Heated and filtered swim pool. Air conditioned - lowered and enclosed playground. For winter months heated garages.

NOTE: This 1960 postcard gives no real location given, I guess the tall tower (sign) was what you had to look for. No mention of room phones or televisions, seems odd for the year.

Photo(s): 2009



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