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Ranch Motel

Ranch Motel, 441 Old Rt. 66, St. Robert, MO

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The Ranch Motel was built in the 1940s or early 50s. The lobby projecting from the front of the building was a later addition. That lobby addition was remodeled sometime later, probably when the facade of the building was "rocked". In the early years the name Ranch Motel was spelled out in rock on the lawn at the lower left in this photo. The motel is located on the south side of George M Reed Roadside Park (East Bound Route 66).

x When it was new is was a simple white frame building that was later “rocked”. The guest room "wings" originally had a flat roof with a gable roof only over the office area. The motel was owned by the Dickerson's for 40 years. Before the Dickerson's the motel had been owned by Larry Rogers.

Vintage Advertising Highlights

2 Miles East of Town on "66"
Route 2 - Box 46-a Waynesville, Missouri
Air-Conditioned - T.V.
Telephone PRospect 4-****
St. Robert City Route

NOTE: In this case "2 Miles East of Town" means 2 miles east of Waynesville in St. Robert.

Photo(s): 2016



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