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Steak 'n Shake

1158 East Saint Louis St., Springfield, MO
Phone: 417-866-6109

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This is the 1962 Steak 'n Shake restaurant at St. Louis St. and National Ave. The building has porcelain panels on the exterior walls. The TAKHOMASAK (R) on the front of the building stands for "Take Home a Sack", one of four ways to enjoy your Steak 'n Shake meal, "Car, table, counter, or TakHomaSak". Guests seated at the counter can watch the burgers being prepared, hence the slogan "In Sight It Must Be Right". We've sat at Steak 'n Shake counters more than once, these are some of our favorite restaurants when traveling.

x Very cool sign! Neon outlines the bowtie shape and the words Steak n Shake and It's A Meal. If I counted right the V shape has 139 incandescent bulbs on each side. The pentastar shape with the logo is lit from the interior. There is also a Hampton Inn Roadside Attraction Sign on the property.

x The sign on the right in this photo stands on the corner of E. St. Louis St. and S. National Ave. St. Louis St. is old Route 66. The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2012, the building's 50 anniversary year.

Photo(s): 2012



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