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Park Central Square

St. Louis & College Streets, Springfield, MO

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The really cool Park Central Square sits right in the middle of downtown Springfield. In the late 1960s the square given park status as a memorial to the Dorsey Heer family. Traffic only goes one way around the square and the corners are pretty tight, so large RVs might not want to take the streets one block off it. The fountain here was inspired by the limestone ledges in the Springfield area.

To the right (north) of the fountain is a plaque placed by the Route 66 Association of Missouri in 1992 to commemorate the 66th anniversary of Route 66 and Springfield as its official birthplace.

xOn the NE corner of the square you'll come to the historic Fox Theater and the History Museum.

xThe Gazebo in the NW corner of the square was created as a formal entry to the square and to provide a sheltered, seating area. The two building shown behind the gazebo are Heer's Department Store and Lander's Building, both built in 1915.

On the SW corner of the square stands the 1954 F. W. Woolworth Store. It still says "F.W. Woolworth Co." in the transom above the door and in the tiles set into the sidewalk at the entry.

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