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Plaza Motel

2612 E. 7th Street, Joplin, MO

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The Plaza Motel was built in 1962 at the intersection of 7th St. and Florida Ave. That put it on the 1956 -1985 alignment of Route 66.

x The roof used to continue straight across the driveway making a canopy for guests checking in or out. Sometime in the past the roof section was removed, probably to accommodate taller vehicles. The wing on the right in this photo used have large windows across the entire end of the building, That obviously was some kind of office or guest services space.

Vintage Advertising Highlights

Postcard (Date Unknown)
On U.S. Route 66 & 166 city (business route to turnpike,
3 blocks west of junction 66 & 71).
22 air-conditioned units -
Room telephones,
Family and commercial rates -
Free TV & coffee -
Tiled baths, tub or shower -
Free cubed ice. Carpeted -
Restaurants and shopping center nearby.
Phone: Mayfair3-xxxx for reservations.
Mr. & Mrs. Clarence S. Hill, Sr., owners.

Photo(s): Summer 2013



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