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Castle Rock Courts

14427 Hwy. 96, Heatonville, MO

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Castle Rock Courts was opened in 1931 by D. T. Smith who operated as a filling station, restaurant and tourist camp. The property was sold to J. H. Byrum in 1936. It has been converted to a private residence and shop. The residence is on the left in this photo and the restaurant / filling station is on the right.

It is on the south side of Hwy. 96 and just east of Cty Rd #1142.
GPS: 37.188305, -93.792885

There is a three unit motel style building located behind the filling station / restaurant building. In 1931 there were four cabins in the back. There were originally 4 separate cabins with indoor cold running water. I'm not sure if the cabins were converted into the motel for if there were two different sets of lodging. There was a common shared bath and shower building.

All of the buildings were originally sided with stone with black mortar in a giraffe style common to the area. The stone appears to have all been covered with some brick, or other modern siding. The breezeway between the restaurant and residence is not original to the structures.

Trailer camping was also offered, including electricity for 50 cents per night.

Photo(s): 2016



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