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Trails End Motel

3238 W. Osage St & Hardeman St., Gray Summit, MO

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This motel opened in 1945 on the 1933 alignment of the Mother Road. After it was bypassed by I-44 it closed, but not before owners Willard & Bernice Haley erected the vertical sign in an attempt to catch the eys of those on the Freeway. The Haleys owned the motel at least into the 1970s and maybe the early 1980s. It was listed for sale for $150,000.00 in 1980 as having 10 units plus a 4 bedroom residence.

GPS: 38.485999, -90.804569

xThe motel started out as a group of small cabins that were later connected by filling the space between them with additional guest rooms. In the mid 1950s they a small newspaper article described it as an "ultra modern" motel that would be an good place to house extra guests if one didn't have room for them all at home.

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