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Diamond Inn Motel & Diamonds Restaurant

2875 MO 100, I-44 Exit 253, Gray Summit, MO 63089
Phone: x

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This business was relocated here in 1967 from a few miles down the road on Historic 66 in Villa Ridge after I-44 opened. It sits between the pre and post 1932 alignments of Route 66, the latter also being I-44. In 2016 the motel was a Travelodge and the Diamonds Restaurant had been demolished.

x The motel consisted of three buildings, this one facing Route 66 is one story on this side and two stories on the other side. The other two buildings were two stories on one side and three stories on the other.

x The former Diamonds Restaurant in Villa Ridge was located in this 1948 streamline modern building after a fire destroyed the original 1927 restaurant at the same location. This building became the Tri-County Truck Stop in 1971 which has since closed.

Vintage Advertising Highlights

Interstate 44 at Grays Summit Interchange
"7 Minutes West of Six Flags Over Mid-America"
35 Miles West of St. Louis
The Diamond Inn is the closest motel and pool to Six Flags. The Diamonds Restaurant offers complete dining room, snack bar, cafeteria and coffee shop service.
Villa Ridge, Missouri 63089
Telephone (314-742-xxxx

NOTE: On this postcard they went into some detail about the size of the motel and the restaurant services available and even how far they were from Six Flags and St. Louis. But they didn't bother to provide an actual street address for the motel or restaurant, instead relying on just naming the nearest freeway interchange. They didn't even name the road the place is on. They also didn't bother to mention phones, television, or type of bathrooms in the guest rooms. That seems a little odd.

Photo(s): 2012, 2016



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