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Eisler's Old Riverton Store

7109 SE Hwy 66, Riverton, KS
Phone: 620- 848-3330

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The Eisler's Riverton Market and Deli is located in the old Williams Y-Not-Eat B-B-Q and General Merchandise store that was built and owned by Leo and Lora Williams. This was the Williams second building, the first was built next door to the west in 1923 but was destroyed in a tornado.

The current building was constructed in 1925 and housed a small apartment for the family as well as the store. They were still living in the apartment in 1930 when they welcomed their daughter Jane, their only child, into the world. The apartment finally got indoor bathroom in 1939, before that everyone used the outhouse out back.

The Williams operated the store until 1945 when Leo bought the Galena Roller Rink in Galena and leased the store Lloyd Paxon. Leo passed away in 1948 but Lora continued to run the skating rink until Paxon's lease on the store expired. Then she returned to run the store until retiring around 1970. Jane ended up owning the store in 1971 and sold it to Thelma Ball, her Mother-in-Law in 1972. Ball had run the store since Lora retired. Ball sold the store to the Joe and Isabell Eisler in 1973. Their nephew Scott Nelson bought the store from them in 2011.

In the beginning this was a general store so customers could buy everything from fresh produce to shoes. Leo would barbecue beef and venison out behind the building. For years you could buy gasoline here, first Texaco and later Standard Oil. The pumps were in front of the porch which has been enclosed.

The porch is now a pleasant dining space in which to enjoy one of the deli sandwiches.

It's amazing how much stuff they have crammed into this place. They have a room full of Route 66 goodies to choose from too. The store was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2003.

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