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Cucamonga Richfield Service Station

9670 Foothill Blvd., Rancho Cucamonga, CA

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Here's a set of before and after photos. The top photo is from 2015, the other from 2013. Even more progress has been made since these photos were taken. In 1934 this was the Ancil Morris Service Station. It is also known as the Cucamonga Station.

Open limited hours (as of April 2016) : Thursday through Saturday, 10am to 3pm; Sunday, 12pm to 3pm.


The gas station and office are at the front of the property and a garage building was in the rear. The garage is gone, but hopefully will be rebuilt.

This charming old station was undergoing restoration when this photo was taken in 2013. It is right across the street from "The Deli" on Foothill Blvd at Archibald.

Photo(s): 2013 & 2015