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Motor Inn Auto Court

19684 National Old Trails Hwy., Oro Grande, CA Address

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The former Motor Inn Auto Court and Trailer Park included a grocery store, restaurant and Richfield Gas Station. A canopy projected out from the center of this building to cover the main entry and two gas pumps. The complex is apparently apartments now.

GPS: 34.607918, -117.342386

xI'm not sure what this building is, it may be the owner managers unit.

xThere are three or four buildings like this in the complex and several mobile home spots.

xComing into Oro Grande this is the first of two auto courts or motels in town. The other is in the center of town and much smaller. In his 1946 Guide Book to Highway 66 Jack Rittenhouse mentions only one auto court and trailer park. Considering he mentioned the trailer court I suspect this is the one he saw, the other is set back from the road farther and easy to miss.

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