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Former El Adobe Motel

18202 Foothill Blvd., Fontana, CA

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In the 1940s El Adobe Motel had 7 guest rooms, and a managers apartment. By the early 1950s it had become the Mountain View Lodge. A 1960 ad listing the property for sale mentioned a large 20 x 40 foot swimming pool and a shuffleboard court. By the late 1960s the motel had become a senior living facility.

One kind of fun fact about this vintage motel is as a senior housing facility in 1974 it hosted YWCA swimming lessons for children ages 6 months to 10 years. In my minds eye I can just see the senior residents in their lawn chairs sitting around the pool cheering the children on. Kind of a happy mental picture.

There weren't any signs on this old motel when we went by in 2015 so it's hard to tell what it was being used for then.

When this was the El Adobe Motel there were large windows just around the corner on either side of the corner door.

Photo(s): 2015



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