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Winslow Theater

115 N. Kinsley Ave., Winslow, AZ
Phone: 928-289-4100

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The Winslow Theater opened in 1927 as the Rialto Theatre in an Art Deco style building. The new theater had air-conditioning, something unusual for the time. It seated something over 600 moviegoers originally, but just 260 now. The theater is located at 115 N. Kinsley Ave., just a half block from the Standing on the Corner Park on Route 66.

Over the years the theatre featured both movies and live stage acts. A Meisel & Sullivan pipe organ was used until the 1950s. The theater suffered a serious fire in the 1950's and while it did reopen after that disaster it eventually was closed for several years. A National Parks Service Cost Sharing Grant provided funds that helped restore the building to operating condition.

In the 1939/40 phonebook it is listed as both the Rialto Theater and the Chief Theater, which shared the same address and phone number ... 46 ... that's it, a simple 46. In the July 1941 nook it's only listed as the Rialto.

This building is on the National Register of Historic Places.

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