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Elk's Building

100 E. Second St., Winslow, AZ
Phone: 928-289-3863

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The 1912 Elks Building at 100 E. Second St., right across the street from the Standin' On the Corner Park. The Elk's didn't hang out here long though, in 1924 they moved into a fine new and still standing building at 315 W. 3rd Street. Beginning in 1913 the Navajo Lodge 27 of the I.O.OF. met here and continued to do so at least into the late 1940s.

The first floor was home to a drug store for several years, the first was Kelly Drugs that open in February of 1913. Like drug stores everywhere they handled a variety of things other than drugs, one of which was stationary. They even had desks in the store for customers who wanted to write a letter right then and there! I suppose the customers could also have written their letters while enjoying a soda at the marble topped soda fountain counter. In 1920 Kelly Drug became the Central Drug Company, a Rexall Agency and was still in this building in the 1940s.

Since people traveling the Mother Road are into old roads it seems relevant to mention that in 1915 the Good Roads Boosters in Winslow met at the Elks building to form a local chapter of the Old Trails Association.

When we were there the large retail space on the first floor was the home of a large gift shop where we happily spent a few dollars.

This building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1989.

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