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Old Trails Bridge

I-40 Exit 1, Topock, Arizonax

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The very photogenic Old Trails Colorado River Bridge was opened to traffic in 1916. This view of the bridge is from the California side of the river. The total length of the bridge is about 800 feet with the longest span being 600 feet. The paved roadway was 17 feet wide, by modern standards that's very narrow. The bridge carried Route 66 traffic until 1948. Today it only carries a natural gas pipeline, no automobiles. A repurposed railroad bridge carried Route 66 traffic from 1948 until 1966 when the new I-40 bridge opened. The 48-66 bridge has been demolished.

On the Arizona side of the Colorado River on the road to Topock you'll get a quick peak at the old Colorado River bridge. After that it's a kind of lonely drive to Topock / Golden Shores.

Heading east the I-40 Exit 1 is where you make a choice of getting off the freeway taking the original 1926 - 1952 alignment to Oatman and on to Kingman or staying on the freeway and head for Yucca then on to Kingman via the 1952 realignment. It's only about 60 miles from here to Kingman, so if you have time, I suggest driving both alignments.

Photo(s): 2013