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Ortega Indian Center.

I-40 Exit 341, Sanders, AZ

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I don't know what the "Indian Ruins" are here, if any. As far as I can tell the biggest thing here for the Mother Road traveler is that this is where you get back on I-40 after seeing the Querino Canyon Bridge.

xThey do have a cool sign though.

Vintage Advertising Highlights

70s/80s postcard
Indian Ruins Indian Center
1-40 Cedar Point Exit
PO Box 46, Sanders, Arizona
In the Heart of Navajo Land
You will find the finest quality indian handmade arts and crafts at the most reasonable prices.
Southwest's Most Enchanting Indian Store
Specializing in Indian jewelry and Navajo rugs
Owner: Armand Ortega

Note: The Cedar Point Exit is signed as Ortega Rd today.

Photo(s): 2017



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