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Davenport Lake to Williams

Old Route 66, Pittmasn Valley, AZ

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Every once in a while especially during a very wet year, this dry lakebed comes alive as you can see in this 2019 picture. The lake is just west of the Deer Farm. The old lake bed was divided by I-40 and what would be the north shoreline bumps right up against the 1941 alignment of 66.

GPS for the lake is: 35.263282, -112.075262

xThe first glimpse you'll get of the lake is shortly after you leave the paved road and crest the hill just west of the Deer Farm on the gravel road.

xA little farther west you'll come to this curve in the road where it essentially becomes the north frontage road for I-40. This is where I-40 split the original 1926 - 1931 alignment of Route 66.

xA little bit farther west you come to the overpass at I-40 exit 167. hop on I-40 here for a couple miles to the Williams exit.

Photo(s): 2019



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