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Hackberry General Store

11255 E Route 66, Hackberry, AZ

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The Hackberry General Store is one of the very popular stops on the original Route 66 between Ash Fork and Kingman. The old gas pumps out front are just for looks, no gas is sold here. The parking lot here is often packed full of cars, motorcycles and tour buses. Now imagine packing all those people inside the building, which is already crammed full of trinkets and memorabilia.


The 1957 Corvette parked under the entrance canopy has provided a cool photo opportunity for countless visitors. This is just one of many older cars parked around the place, so take a walk through the grounds and see them all.


The old Model T in the garage out back is another of the many old cars here, and as the picture shows, there's plenty of other old stuff to see as well.

Photo(s): 2013