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Brannigan Park Rd.

Brannigan Park, AZ
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Brannigan Park Road is the 1931 to 1941 alignment of the Mother Road at this point. Where it turns north away from I-40 is about where it and and the 1926 to 1931 alignments would have crossed the freeway. The road takes you into the 1.6 million acre Kaibab National Forest. Look for the sign and cattle guard.

xLook for the Auto Tour Sign beside the blacktop, just past the sign telling you that you are entering Kaibab National Forest and the cattle guard and shortly before the start of the gravel Brannigan Park Rd. Coming from the east this is not far past where the road turns north away from the freeway.

xThe gravel road starts here and is posted as a primitive road. When we've driven it in dry weather it's been fine.

xAs the gravel road starts look to the west to see Fortynine Hill. Getting around this hill is one of the reasons the road was realigned in 1941. Why was the road realigned, well this gravel road reaches an elevation of more than 7,300, the highest point on Route 66. The hill is even higher at more than 7,800 feet.

Fortynine Hill GPS: 35.265035, -111.894379

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