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Richfield Station & Pine Breeze Cabins

10520 W Old Route 66, Bellemont, AZ 86004

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The Richfield Station and Pine Breeze Inn Cabins is on the dead end section of the 1931 - 1963 Route 66 south of the freeway heading east from I-40 Exit 185. Access to the old Richfield gas station is blocked off with small boulders. Part of the 1969 "Easy Rider" movie starring Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda was filmed here. In the movie the station carried a Union 76 sign. A faded Route 66 shield marks this section of the old road.

GPS: 35.224201, -111.800615

x At least some of these buildings date to the 1940's. A 1985 county report referred to the station and cabins as being more or less boarded up and in very limited residential use. Today it seems to be an active RV park.

There is a single vintage gas pump standing under the canopy of the station. I didn't see any markings that would identify a brand though.

x The Pine Ridge Cabins are located behind the old Richfield gas station. There are several cabins in the group.

The old road continues east past the gas station for about 3/4s of a mile before you come to a barricade.

Photo(s): 2013



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