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Tulsa-Sapulpa Union Railroad Company

701 E. Dewey Ave, Sapulpa, OK

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The trolley line started in 1908 and in 1918 served lines between Sapulpa & Tulsa. The Sapulpa Trolley Co went out of business in 1933 but the trolley to Tulsa was contined until 1960 by a company that became Oklahoma Union Railway.xThe museum has a historic trolly, Maggie M. that was a Birney Safety Car built in 1919. In was purchased from Oklahoma Unon in 1933 and used as by Merton Bennett family. In 1997 it was donated to the Sapulpa Trolley and restormed by the Museum.

The Museum is located in the offices of the Tulsa-Sapulpa Union Railroad Company and is open Mon-Fri from 8-5. Fee admission.

xThere are a couple of murals near the trolley car, this one is directly across the street.

xThis mural is visible just west of the trolley car.

Photo(s): 2016



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