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Mural on Route 66

Between 3rd and 4th on Hwy 66, Quapaw, OK

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NOTE: This building was destroyed by a tornado in April of 2014.

This building between 3rd and 4th on Hwy 66 in Quapaw displayed three different murals, the old Burrgarf Gas Station, The Dark Horse Mine and the old Quapaw Depot.

x In 1904, lead and zinc was discovered and the Old Dark Horse Mine began production east of town. After World War I, the demand for lead and zinc decreased and the town began shrinking.

x On the front of the same building is a mural of the Old Burggraf Cities Service Station as it looked in 1936. The Burggraf family has been in the tire business since the 1930s when Ed Burggraf started retreading or recapping tires in the service station shown in the mural.

x The south side of this building features a mural of the old Quapaw Depot with a steam engine pulling in.

As noted above, this building was completely destroyed by a tornado in early 2014, another good reason to hit the old Mother Road and see the sights while we still can.

Photo(s): Spring 2011, 2012, 2013



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