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1925 Spherical Storage Tank

E0890 Rd, Davenport, OK.

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This is the worlds first spherical oil field tank. It was built of steel by the Magnolia Oil Company in 1925. There's a small oil well pump just east of the tank which I guess would have supplied the oil stored in the tank. I'm not sure how they filled the tank, but I'm pretty sure they didn't fill it by climbing the stairs with bucket after bucket of oil and dumping it in an open lid.

Directions: When Route 66 curves left, just west of N3510 Rd, keep going straight onto the gravel E0890 Rd, it will be in the field on the north side. Then take N3503 Rd south and rejoin Route 66 into Davenport. That little side trip takes you on the old Ozark Trail which served as the original Route 66 before being bypassed by the sweeping curve of the current road.

GPS: 35.725199, -96.762395

Photo(s): 2016



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