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Twin Bridges

Route 66, Catoosa, OK

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The "almost twin" bridges over Bird Creek (formerly the Virdigris River) have an interesting history. They don't look like twins in this photo because the westbound bridge has been replaced, it was built in 1936 and 24 feet wide, The 28 foot wide eastbound bridge (on the left in this photo) was built in 1957 when the road became a four lane highway. The 1936 bridge was refurbished in 1957 and both were dedicated to former highway commissioner H. Tom Kight, Jr at that time. In August 2011 the State of Oklahoma removed the 1936 bridged due to it's state of disrepair.

x The center truss of the old westbound bridge was relocated to serve as part of the entry road to Molly's Landing. You can see the old location on the far right side of the above photo.

x In addition they moved two of the 1936 trusses to the entrance of the adjacent Rogers Point Public Park next to the eastbound span of the Twin Bridges. They also have a monument there. Two other of the pieces are off to the right side of the westbound lanes, close to Mollys Landing Restaurant. It is unknown if this is the permanent place for them.

x Historic Marker on for the east bound bridge.

x Historical marker for the westbound bridges now located at the boat launching area just north of the original location.

Photo(s): 2012 - 2013



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